Unlock the ergonomic sweet spot and say goodbye to carpal tunnel stress.


    Seamlessly fitting keyboards of all sizes - 60%, 65%, 75%, TKL, and full size.


    Say Goodbye to slips-ups and shaky typing with our anti-slip rubber base.

ErgoCombo Keyboard Stand with Wrist Rest - Deskello
ErgoCombo Keyboard Stand with Wrist Rest - Deskello
ErgoCombo Keyboard Stand with Wrist Rest - Deskello


Q: When will the Keyboard ErgoCombo waddle its way to you?

A: Brace yourselves for the grand arrival of the Keyboard ErgoCombo 2-3 days after placing your order. All our products are shipped by Amazon to ensure the fastest delivery.

Q: Can the Keyboard ErgoCombo help soothe wrist woes?

A: Absolutely, my dear friends! The Keyboard ErgoCombo boasts a velvety rubber wrist rest that cradles your wrists and palms with firm but gentle support. Bid farewell to discomfort and embrace a typing experience that feels like a loving, cozy hug.

Q: What sets the Keyboard ErgoCombo apart from the rest of the flock?

A: Prepare for a transformative typing experience with the Keyboard ErgoCombo! Its ergonomic design, premium materials, and perfect fit for any keyboard size will have you soaring to new heights of comfort and productivity.

Q: What's inside the wrist rest? Fluffy clouds?

A: Oh, it's even better! Our wrist rest is crafted with pure rubber, providing a luxurious touch of support. Topped with a smooth and oh-so-comfy fabric, it's a dreamy combination for your wrists. No fluffy clouds needed here!

Q: Will the Keyboard ErgoCombo fit keyboards of all sizes?

A: Fear not, my fellow human friends! The Keyboard ErgoCombo is a versatile companion that welcomes keyboards of all sizes, from petite 60% beauties to grand full-sized marvels. No bird left behind!

Q: How does the anti-slip rubber base keep things steady?

A: Say goodbye to slipping and sliding! Our trusty Keyboard ErgoCombo features an anti-slip rubber base, ensuring a stable and steadfast typing adventure. No more flapping about – just smooth sailing.

Q: Can I embark on this journey beyond the borders of the United States?

A: Alas, my avian friends, our products currently nest within the United States only. We hope to spread our wings wider in the future, so stay tuned for updates on international adventures.

Type with love, style, and comfort. Why KB ErgoCombo?

  • Unleash Ergonomic Bliss

    Discover the perfect angle and height that will make your wrists sing in joy! Experience the ultimate blend of style, comfort and functionality, turning every keystroke into a symphony of productivity.

  • The Perfect Fit Awaits

    Our Keyboard Riser is the ultimate chameleon of computer desk accessories, seamlessly fitting keyboards of all sizes - 60%, 65%, 75%, TKL, and full size. The stand and wrist rest are 16.9 inches wide.

  • Goodbye Slippery Disasters

    No more wobbles or slips during intense typing sessions. Both the keyboard stand and wrist rest come with an anti-slip rubber base, keeping them securely in place on any surface. Enjoy a stable typing experience like never before.